The Buddha perished. Forty years it went, and thousand followed it. Now he perished. He has told:

Is my last day. If you is what to ask, ask. Hour when everyone should go the trajectory
has come.

The utter darkness has wraped pupils of the Buddha. Anand — the favourite pupil — has begun to cry, as the child. At it from eyes teardrops were bowled, he beat breast, he was almost mad.

- What with you, Anand? — The Buddha has asked.

- What to us now to make? — Has exclaimed Anand. — was here, we went in thy light. All was secure and good. We have absolutely forgotten that there is a darkness. In a running for you all was light. Now you leave. What to us to make?

And it again was accepted to cry and groan.

— Listen, — the Buddha has answered. — forty years you went in my light and the could not reach. You think, what if I have bunked as early as forty years, you would attain the light? Than more longly you go in borrowed light, the more imitate, the more you lose. Better to me to leave.

The last pleas which have flied from a mouth of the Buddha, were:

«Be light for itself».

Monologue of the Phlegmatic person

All it from nonsense, the reader, our bad state of health, nasty mood and a dump of insoluble problems… Only having realised the Divine parentage, we discover ourselves, the occupation… We start to believe in ourselves, in the capabilities… We. We say goodbye to problems which one more recently seemed us «such insoluble»… To Learn itself, and then and the whole world. To learn meaning of the life which one with all events
happening in it is similar to the river where ALL leaks also ALL it is modified.

It so is divinely simple, the reader… But also it is devilishly difficult. Yes hindrances will be blest… Giving thanks to it also we grow!

Meditatsionnyj Campos

The meditatsionnyj Campos in International Kommune Osho is in India, in hundred miles to the southeast from Bombay, in the city of Poona. Originally built as the summer retreat the Maharaja and rich British colonizers, today’s Poona is the prospering modern city which has become by the dwelling to several universities and the hi-tech industrial factories.

Kommuny Osho Campos reaches 32 acre-inches in the three-linear suburb known as Koregaon-park (Koregaon Park). Though the Commune does not ensure with home unit of the visitors, round it the flock of hostels and owner-occupied dwellings vnaem which one allocate thousand visitors from every corner of the globe within all year is allocated.

Commune programs are grounded on vision of Osho qualitatively a novel specie of the human being which one is capable as was joy to participate in an everyday life, and to be relaxed in silence and meditation. The majority of programs happen in the modern, seasoned block constructions and include manifold individual occupations, courses and the seminars enveloping all: from creative arts to holisticheskogo healings, personal growth and therapy, esoteric sciences, "dzenskogo" the approach to sport and health, dynamics of ratios and the relevant events in life of men and women. Both individual, and group occupations are tendered all year long, the audio and video records of its lectures, meditatsionnyh the technician of manifold spiritual traditions is parallel with the daily program of the active meditations of Osho.

Open cafes and restaurants in the Commune tender also conventional Indian nutriment, and the manifold dishes of international galley prepared from vegetables, cultivated on a characteristic bracing frame of the Commune. The Campos allocates a characteristic store of the acceptable, filtrated water.

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The peasant and his son tilled together a field. The snake has bitten the young man, and he has perished. The father has not paid attention on the death of the son and prolonged to work. By transited bramin and has asked:

— Who this young man?

— My son, — has answered the peasant.

— What do you do not wail over it?

— The person, being born, already takes the first step to death… Trouble and teardrops will not help perished, — the father has answered.

And anybody from monogynopaedium did not wail over the perished. Mother has told:

— Life — hostel: the person today has come, tomorrow
will leave.

The sister has added:

— People are similar to logs of the flotation raft sailing on a sea: the storm has come, has broken down a flotation raft, has distilled on a log sea, and it never already to meet; for an instant people converge, leave for ever.

The wife has prolonged:

— Two birdies flied together all the day and the whole evening. The planting to rest on the same branch, in the morning they have flushed: can be, they will meet, and can be — and are not present.


The one who averts the person from this door is unfortunate. Wherefore other door to it not to discover.



Chzhuan-Tszy has fished in the river, and the governor of Chu has sent to it of two dignitaries with the message. In that message
it was told:

- I wish to lay to you burden of state affairs.

Chzhuan-Tszy even a fishing-rod from arms has not exhausted also a head has not turned, but only has told in the answer:

— I have heard that in Chu there is a sacred turtle who
has perished three thousand years ago. The governor has wrapped it in fine silk, has hidden in larets, and larets that has delivered in the temple of ancestors. That this turtle would prefer: to be dead but that worshipped to its bones, or to be alive even if it had to drag the tailing on a mud?

Both dignitaries have answered:

— Certainly, she would prefer to be alive even if it had to drag the tailing on a mud.

— Leave away! — Chzhuan-Tszy has exclaimed. — I will drag too
a tailing on a mud!

The information is subject to decay, knowledge — never.


About the Author


Osho — the modern mystic, life and which one teachings have influenced million people of all ages and all fields of life. "Sendej the Time" in London features it as one of "thousand creators of the twentieth century", and "Sendej Mid-Dej" in India — as one of ten persons — along with Mahatmoj of Gundy, Nehru and the Buddha, — which one have modified fate of India.

About the operation of Osho has told that helps to condition births of a novel specie of the human being. It defined often this new human being as "Zorbu-Buddu" — capable to enjoy both carnal pleasures of Greek Zorby, and silent serenity of Gautamy of the Buddha. A red hairline through all aspects of operation of Osho transits the vision uniting to unlimited wisdom of the East and the highest potential of a science and production engineering of the West.

It also is known for the revolutionary contribution to a science of interior conversion — the approach to meditation which one allows for enlarged speed of the modern life. Its unique "the Active Meditations" are elaborated so that at first to free the stresses accumulating in a skew field and mind that was to worry not-thought and a state of relaxing of meditation lighter.

Books of Osho are not written, but transcribed from audio and video records of the improvised lectures yielded pupils and friends during his life.

Osho Commune International, meditatsionnyj the Campos framed by Osho in India as an oasis where its teachings can be embodied in practice, prolongs to attract more than 15 000 visitors in a year more than from 100 miscellaneous countries of the whole world.

To gain it is more than information on Osho and its operation, including tour on meditatsionnomu to a Campos in Poona, India, visit: www.osho.com


The powerful tsar has attained such spiritual altitudes that wise people were its private soldiers handyman. Nevertheless somehow the confusion has seized it, and it, having assembled wise men, has told: «Something causes me to search for a certain ring which one would help me to save peace of mind. I should gain such ring. It should be such that when I am unhappy, it would make me joy. At the same time, if I am happy and I look at it, I should feel grief». Wise men were diped in deep meditation, and at last have come to a determination. On a ring which one they have introduced, the placard has been cut: «And it will transit».


The parent, on which one rivers and a sea gain tribute from hundred mountain streams, consists that they are below the last. Thanks to it they in a state to overtop over all mountain streams. In the same way and the wise man, wishing to be above people, puts itself below them.



You know nothing about yourselves here and in this state.

You are similar to wax in honey honeycombs: what does he know about light or oplyvanii? When it attains a step of the cereous
candle and when emits light then he knows. As also you learn that when you lived, you were dead and only thought yourself alive.


And now the time of repetition transited has come

Here the abstract (I notify: unusual). In it there is no advice «to make that and not to make it» — but to it you already should get used. In it there are no my clarification — and you are familiar with this complication. All that material which one I wanted to yield you, you have mastered. Read, learn, validate itself and unclose new in already known…

Each fashion and each extinct trace In a time tomb will lay down on thousand years. And into place our years when will be returned, Saved carefully shows supreme on light.

Ibn the Son (Avitsenna)

Life in its whole never takes death seriously. She laughs, dances and plays, it plots, assembles and loves in the face of death. Only when we select one discrete fact of death, we note its hollow and we are confused.

Rabindranath Tagore


Fools burn down lampads all the day long.

At night they are surprised, why have remained without electricity.


What true answer how to live in proximity?

To know existence, you need to be in a being. You not in a being, you live in thoughts. You live in the past, in the future, but never here and now. And existence endways here and now. You not here, therefore originate a problem. The problem originates, because you do not meet existence. You think that live, but do not live. You think that love, but do not love. You only think of love, think of life, think of existence, and it dumanie — a problem, it dumanie — an obex. Discard all thoughts and be. You will not discover any problem; there is only an answer.

For this reason I again and again insist that looking up — actually not answer looking up, looking up is actually not aiming gaining answers to problems. No, looking up only in how to discard problems how to see life and existence by mind not setting problems. In it meaning shraddhi, trust. This deepest measuring shraddhi, or trust — to look at existence with mind not setting problems.

You simply look. You have no submission how it is necessary to look at it, do not impose it any form, you do not have any prejudice; you simply look the bared eyes, the absolutely not not shut any thoughts, any philosophies, any religions. You look at existence by eyes of the small child and then subitaneously there is only an answer.

In existence there are no problems. Problems radiate from you. And they will prolong to occur, and you can accumulate some answers, but these answers will not help. You should attain the answer and to attain the answer, you should discard all knowledge. When in mind there is no problem, and vision is clear, you have a clearness of perception; perception doors are pure and unclosed, and all subitaneously becomes pellucid. You can go to depth. Where you looked, thy view penetrates to the deepest core, and there subitaneously you discover yourself.

You discover yourself everywhere. You discover yourself in a rock if you will look deeply, penetrating enough. Then looking, watching, seeing becomes visible, aware becomes known. If you look deeply enough at a rock, a tree, either the man, or the woman if you look deeply enough, at this view — a circle. It begins with you, transits through another and is returned to you. All so is pellucid. Nothing hinders. The ray leaves, becomes circle and is returned to you.

It implies one of great secret sayings of Upanishad: Tat Tvamasi Svetaketu — "You is it", or "You are that". The circle is completed. Now the devoted is uniform good luck. Now the searching is uniform with an unknown quantity. Now asking problems itself becomes the answer.

In existence there is no problem. Now I have bunked at it long enough, and to me there was no problem, a problem shade. The person simply bunks existence.

Then in life there is a characteristic beauty. Any doubts does not originate in mind, and you are not environed by any suspicions, and no problems are present in thy entity — you undivided, whole.